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Windy City Double Feature Picture Show

Sep 27, 2021

Chicago film historians Adam Carston and Mike Vanderbilt look back at the  Herschel Gordon Lewis directed the gory and rough, "something weird" double feature of BLOOD FEAST and SCUM OF THE EARTH that opened at the Starlite Drive-In—located in suburban Oak Lawn—on August 9, 1963 which we recreated at Chicago's Music...

Sep 16, 2021

This week, Mike and Adam are joined by Gold Globe-winning writer Larry Karaszewski for a SUPER SIZED EPISODE as we look back on the sex and drugs counter-culture double feature of TAKING OFF (1971) and I LOVE MY WIFE (1970) that premiered at the Coronet Theater on September 24, 1971.

Sep 1, 2021

Take a trip to the tropics with Chicago film historians Adam Carston and Mike Vanderbilt as they look back at the sand and surf double feature of Blake Edwards' 10 and SUNBURN—featuring all-time stone-cold foxes Bo Derek and Farrah Fawcett—that premiered at the Montclare Theatre on February 8, 1980.